Ages 5 Through Adult $30.00 Per Student * AM Classes: 9 - 11:30 am ^ PM Classes: 1 - 3:30 pm ^ Most Materials Provided ±

3-Day Art Classes

For the past 15 years, Barry Stebbing and his wife Saundra have been traveling throughout the United States instructing more than 60,000 students in his 3-Day Art Classes.

Specifically designed to inspire, encourage, and educate homeschool students in the fine arts - each 3-day class is 2½ hours per session.

Subjects Covered include:
  • art appreciation
  • beginning drawing
  • beginning painting
  • an introduction to techniques and methods with colored markers and colored pencils

To schedule a class in your area, call us toll-free at 1.800.982.DRAW (3729).

"Like you, we believe that no education is complete without excellent instruction in both the appreciation and creation of the fine arts. It has been a blessed three days to be a part of your class and, I am certain, will be a lasting highlight even over the course of my children's entire education. I have nearly come to tears as I've watch my 10, 8, and 5 year-old's eyes transfixed on your every word as you fanned the flame in their art-loving hearts. And how I've rejoiced that you did not shrink from speaking about "true" art, or the necessity of laying aside perfectionist attitudes. How my firstborn needs to hear this. ... This is so much more than mere inspiration. This is truly the beauty of forming a relationship (as educator Charlotte Mason would say) with both the artist and the art."

Rita Luttrell - Morgan Hill, CA.

"We have recently taken your class and my 10 year old painted a card with large sunflowers (and "a border to enhance the picture up to 40%" - as you state in class). He also mentioned (in all seriousness) never to keep your paintbrush in water with the bristles down (like he used to). My 5 year old has also been busy mixing colors to make greens and browns.... And they both continue to call the paper plate their "palette".

Thank you for sharing your joy of art and of the Great Artist Himself.
Jean (homeschooling mom, North Carolina)

"I am thankful the homeschool format (3 day art class). I think a class that has an age range of 5-95 is so nice for home schoolers. I have been so disappointed at times when I couldn't join some of the classes the children were in. Who would believe we would have such an outstanding program for homeschoolers within 10 minutes of our farm?"

With sincere thanks,
Diana Thompson
Oak Park, MN

How to Register

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Dates and locations are subject to change without notice.


* Prices may vary depending on location and coordinator.
^ Classes are held either in the morning or the afternoon, such times vary from class to class.
± Each student will need at least a standard set of 12 colored pencils and a standard set of 8 washable markers, not provided.