Summary of the HGTA Terms of Service

This is NOT our full and complete terms of service, but a summary for your convenience.

  • Must be at least 13 years old
  • May need to register with us to access and use certain parts our website
  • Must not initiate or participate in any activities on our website that are illegal, harmful, or interfere with anyone else's use of our website.
  • Must provide us with accurate billing information, which we never keep on file
  • Agree to pay all charges incurred by your order
  • Is owned by us and may only be used as we specify
  • May be changed at any time and without notice
  • Can change or end our products or services at any time and without notice
  • Can modify this agreement at any time and without notice

This summary of our terms of service is not a contract. It is simply a handy reference for easy understanding the full terms of service which can be found at