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I Can Do All Things

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Rated at: 5
Ages 6-10

This 3 year curriculum is a great place to start...

A comprehensive art course for beginners aged to 6-10. Your students will have fun with this best-seller while learning important foundational art skills. Subjects covered in this text include Beginning Drawing, How to use Colored Pencils, Beginning Painting, Art Appreciation & so much more...

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Customer Reviews

Rated at: 5
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- Sat, April 14th 2012

I purchased I Can Do All Things to use at home with my 6 yr. old son. We tried another drawing method earlier in 1st grade, but he didn't connect with it. From the very first page of this book, he enjoyed practicing the drawing techniques and even tries them out in his own drawings.


- Fri, August 12th 2011

I would like to copy what my daughter (age 8) wrote for her journal time on page 106 of I Can Do All Things. She illustrated herself at a table with her art supplies. "I love art. I do want to be an artist when I grow up. At least I'm learning something. Art is fun to learn, because I love it and it is especially fun when it's Christian!"


- Fri, February 25th 2011

Two of my sons have completed I Can Do All Things and LOVED it. They are looking forward to starting the Feed My Sheep DVD curriculum. All of these art books are so great; Well laid out; Sequenced perfectly. My sons started out clumsily, but we kept at it and now they have great control (for their ages) over their art.


- Tue, December 21st 2010

I love this art curriculum, I Can Do All Things. My seven year old is very creative and loves to draw, but she does not always enjoy following directions. This series has given her more tools to express herself, and she has started using techniques that make her drawings look even better.


- Sat, November 20th 2010

The lessons are simple for my child to learn and very enjoyable! She really feels like she has accomplished something at the end of a lesson.


- Sun, October 24th 2010

I have used I Can Do All Things to teach homeschool art to 3 of my children. The lessons were very easy to teach due to the simple directions for complex subjects, such as figure drawing. Learning techniques for colored pencils improved my kid's creativity. My oldest son, now in public jr. high, won 1 of 6 art awards for 7th grade. I believe using I Can Do All Things helped him.


- Mon, October 18th 2010

I Can Do All Things is a great book to start teaching art. I use the lessons for warm-up activities. The children enjoy the cartoon nature of the lessons and they absorb more of the lesson when they enjoy it. Thank you for creating such a great product!!