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From moments ago:
As we were just gazing with awe out the front window admiring the sun partially overtaken by clouds and the rays streaming through the open places, showering the earth with beams of white light, I said it reminded me of the ladder Jacob saw ascending from earth unto heaven with angels going up and down it. Nine year-old Noah sighed, "Hmmm...I think of Mr. Stebbing whenever I see a really pretty sunset...because he taught us about sunsets and horizons, and stuff like that."
Love in Christ to both of you, and thank you for inspiring us,
Lynn, for all
Like you, we believe that no education is complete without excellent instruction in both the appreciation and creation of the fine arts. It has been a blessed three days to be a part of your class and, I am certain, will be a lasting highlight even over the course of my children's entire education. I have nearly come to tears as I've watch my 10, 8, and 5 year-old's eyes transfixed on your every word as you fanned the flame in their art-loving hearts. And how I've rejoiced that you did not shrink from speaking about "true" art, or the necessity of laying aside perfectionist attitudes. How my firstborn needs to hear this. ... This is so much more than mere inspiration. This is truly the beauty of forming a relationship (as educator Charlotte Mason would say) with both the artist and the art.
Rita Luttrell - Morgan Hill, CA

Thank you so much for coming here to give a class. We are very grateful for your excellent teaching, wonderful attitudes, and your kind & cheerful hearts. It has been an outstanding class. I am especially grateful for filling this "gap" in our home education. Many blessings to you!
Amy Canady - Fishers, IN.

As soon as my daughter spotted Art & the Bible for Children she insisted we start! That was at 9pm last night!
Angela - USA

I like to begin our days with some sort of devotional with the children, yet sometimes I find myslef floundering at the last moment about which book to use. Well, these days, when at all possible, I pull out our handy copy of Art & the Bible for Children, run a few copies of the exercise page, and off we go. My children LOVE these lessons, from just barely 3 years old Daniel to even 11 year-old Madelene! For some reason the short lessons are enough to hold everyone's attention but not leave them feeling as though they can't do something as amazing as they want to, as certain other artsy things might. They are all enjoying these, and we usually do 2 or 3 lessons each day, all those that go with one story. We've only just begun this, but oh, what a joy to have a Biblical lesson ready and waiting. We're keeping them in notebooks. I can't wait to look back years from now and see their "prophets" drawings when they were these ages.
Thank you very much!
Lynn Riedel

Thank you, Mr. Stebbing and Mrs. Stebbing, for showing us what excellence looks like and encouraging us to be excellent in our work for the Lord's glory. You are a light for Him to all whom you teach.
Suzanne Hash - Sugarland, TX

Thank you so much for dedicating your lives and ministry to helping our children see our loving God as a Creator who can use them to display His glory.
Jennifer Sosinski - Amherst, WI

...Barry is a master of teaching art in a fun way ... www.The-Mothers-Heart.com
Kym Wright - The Mother's Heart Magazine

I want to thank you for the enjoyable art workshop ! The experience of attending your class in Gastonia, NC is one that will stay with us for a lifetime. ... I congratulate you for including the younger children -- it is obvious they soak up information as sponges! You can be assured, that I will encourage any parents I meet to consider your books.
Susan Moore - Writer/Reviewer Family Review

My 12 year old son attended your workshop this week in Tucker. He was so inspired and I saw such an attitude change in both his drawing and his general disposition. For a kid who never sits still, I was astounded to see him sit and draw for over 2 hours on Saturday evening. I know this will be a lifelong hobby and perhaps even career for him and I'm so happy to see God use someone like you to key him in to the gift and desire that was already there. You gave him the tools to kick start the discipline he needed. I can't really say how grateful I am ....
Denise Miller - Tucker, GA

My son and I attended your workshop... in Plover, WI. I was apprehensive about signing him up, being 6 1/2 years old. Ethan absolutely loved it. All the way home each day he talked about what he was going to draw, and after we got home he would draw, draw, and draw... I purchased I Can Do All Things... Thank you for writing a program that is easy to follow and understand and that is interesting too. I had taken a lot of art classes in high school and had hoped to go to college and study art history... I learned more in your workshop that I ever did in my high school art classes.
Jodi Erdmann - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Mr. Stebbing is an inspiring and gifted art teacher. His class helped me realize the very high quality of the curriculum and his instruction. I can't wait to use the DVD.
Mindy Doyle - LaPlata, MD

As I don't have that "artist's gene," I have always shyed away from artistic activities. You made art fun, and convinced me that with diligent practice and studying basic techniques that I, too, could become an artist in my own right! Incorporating your curriculum into our school week has created a peaceful, calm, and therapeutic balance in our school.
Martha Wells - Rocky Mount, NC

What a blessing to have you here in San Antonio! Just think, you have touched over 200 children's lives with your wonderfully encouraging art seminar! You give every child the vision that they can draw. Praise the Lord -- because you go full circle and give God the glory by telling us/them, that we are endowed with God's creativity. My family has been very excited to draw again ... what a great ministry!
Susan Willing - San Antonio, TX

Thank you for the excellent art lessons you gave us this past week. How refreshing and delightful they were. I was challenged, encouraged, inspired and motivated. You are a gifted teacher. I appreciate your style of teaching and am hoping to emulate what I have learned not only in art but also in teaching.
Marjorie Bozer -

This DVD series is designed with the busy homeschool mom in mind. It also is helpful to those of us who feel ourselves "artistically challenged." With children who know more about art at age 8 than I knew when I graduated college, these DVDs reassure me that I'm teaching correctly. ... The art program is artistically sound and Biblically based. ... These DVDs are the perfect addition to this awesome art program.
Stephanie Scarborough - Educational Success

If you want the "ultimate" art resource, one of my favorite resources is GOD AND THE HISTORY OF ART. Being totally untaught in this area, this resource has proved to be a gift from God! The book is set up in chronological order, with artists and periods of art discussed in great detail. I love it because it gives information behind the scenes about the prints and artists AND because I have (so far!) been able to look up any artist that I run across and their narrative in IN THERE!
Cindy Rushton, AL - Rushton Family Ministries

After a little over a week with I CAN DO ALL THINGS, four sketchbooks, colored pencils, markers, paints and four eager artists in training, we love your program! I didn't realize how creative my children were. Nor did I know how much we would enjoy doing art together. ... Now, why don't you mention anywhere on the website that this is so much fun that MOM will want to have her own sketchbook?!
Kim Rankin - DeSota, MI

Our family uses three of your books: Feed My Sheep, Lambs Book II, and Baby Lambs. We really enjoy them, AND we're learning. ... I am THRILLED to see my children make gains in their artistic abilities using your books. I completely agree with your statements to the effect that desire, not "talent" produce an able "artist". ... Your materials provide very solid training in the fundamentals of drawing. ... Thank you for providing such quality materials. They are a pleasure to use.
Jennifer Fay - Penn Valley, Ca.

Mr. Stebbing, the creator and author of Feed My Sheep, seems to understand and appreciate the young student's need for "variety and balance" to keep interest levels high. Mr. Stebbing even goes so far, in the Introduction, as to give permission for the parent/teacher to "structure the art curriculum where the student will be doing a little painting, drawing, penmanship, perspective, etc. during any given month" ... Simple, efficient, teacher friendly and educationally sound; this reviewer highly recommends Feed My Sheep for children 8 years old and above.
Susan Moore, - Gaffney, SC

I had previously considered myself 'art-challenged', but after taking your class, I drew a still life that was pretty good. I was so excited about art that I told everyone. A friend encouraged me to go with Oklahoma Wesleyan University on their Italian Art History Tour this summer. I'm currently trying to learn all I can from your God and the History of Art ... you have inspired us to learn so much more than we ever expected. Thank you, and keep blessing the world.
Terry Ervin - Bartlesville, OK

Through my grandchildren who are homeschooled, I am using your material. ... I'm 71 and eating it up. It is a pleasure to find your simplified books. Praise God for sharing it with the rest of us. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Betty Lacy - Charlotte, MI

I just spent 3 wonderful days with the Stebbings, and the children learned so much. If you haven't attended one of their workshops, you might consider it. They have geared their classes for homeschoolers, and keep even the wiggly ones moving quickly through the paces. I'm not so very easily impressed, but this was awesome.
Kim Wright - www.The-Mother's-Heart.com

Thank you, Mr. Stebbing, for giving me an excellent foundation to excel in my college art classes. In my freshman year, all my projects hinged on the drawing fundamentals (lines, ellipses, angles) that I had learned in the How Great Thou Art I & II. I practiced them so many times ... that when I went to college, it all clicked automatically. The way you introduced perspective and value helped me grasp those concepts very well. No matter what lesson or project in Feed My Sheep, you had the students use perspective and value until it became second nature. I did so many color wheels using your curriculum that I know the warm & cool colors like the back of my hand. It was in taking an oil painting class my senior year in college that I further understood the intricate balance of warms & cools that The Book of Many Colors had taught me all along. Thank you for the invaluable preparation that How Great Thou Art curriculum afforded me all the way through college!
Sarah Moyer - Lancaster, PA

Dear Mr. Stebbing, My daughter wanted to thank you for the lesson on frustration that started this series (God & the History of Art.) I truly was amazed at how much it helped my "perfectionist" daughter in so many more ways than just her art. She has shown more patience in many tasks since that lesson. We attended one of your 3 day art classes in Louisville. AWESOME!! My girls still refer to lessons learned in that class. Thank you for all you and your wife do for the world of art. We truly enjoy your curriculum.
Denise Smith - Louisville, KY

Thank you for taking the time to make the DVDs. They really enhance the curriculum. The DVDs jumpstart each lesson. To anyone thinking about buying the DVDs, I'd say they are definitely worth the money. Seeing other students' artwork, observing and hearing Mr. Stebbing actually doing the motions really adds to the curriculum. I had the book Feed My Sheep for awhile. Then I got the DVDs and now I'm doing the lessons every day as fast as I can. Sometimes I do 3 a day. That's saying something, because I like to do the work slowly and with great detail and usually any extra lessons I do I have to do on my free time. My favorite lessons so far have been cups and bottles and drawing a birdhouse. But then, the 2 still lifes were great too because I love to draw and it's great to draw things around the house. I am now very motivated to finish this one and move on to God & the History of Art. Thanks to you, Mr. Stebbing, for making the DVDs. Thanks to you, Mrs. Stebbing, for convincing my mom that the DVDs would really help me.
Robert Richardson - Indianapolis, IN

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Stebbing, My children are hooked! They love art & drawing & painting! I can't get them to stop to go to bed! You have blessed our family tremendously. You have opened our eyes to colors and our hearts to art. My children are so pleased with themselves and their work since taking your classes. We will never forget our time with you - you have touched our hearts! These classes will be the highlight of their school years forever! Thank you so much! Thanks for your love for Jesus, your caring for children, and your ministry in art. You have deeply affected us all.
Erica Mandella - Pittsburgh, PA

I am tremendously impressed. Mr. Stebbing, your love for teaching the children you meet is evident and you are very thorough. You want to pack as much education in that you can. That makes the homeschooling parents proud of their small investment in the class. You are teaching our children (and children across America) that art deserves attention. There are many facets to art that can be better appreciated. Your suggestions for the students to practice and begin keeping a journal are great ideas. You have blessed our entire year of homeschooling in just three days of lessons. May God bless you both.
Angie Carruth - Clermont, GA